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    Our Most Precious Capital is Human Capital

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    Management Consulting

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    Creative Transformations

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Our Services

Solutions that help transform challanges into strengths.

Management Consulting

Delivering solutions to problems no matter how complex, we have the capabilities and experience you need to move forward.


We've built our mentoring program to create an ecosystem for the start ups, providing crucial advice based on real-world experiences.

Human Capital Development

From Organizational Capacity Building to Stakeholder Engagement, Developing Skills to Sharing Resources, we have done it all globally.

Startup Platform

Our Technology Solutions bring products from a wide variety of business partners to innovate how businesses benefit from technology integration

Digital Transformation

Our Full Potential Transformations help to disrupt the industry status quo in order for you to grow.

{Media, Arts, Design}

Our seasoned expertise, quick analysis and collaborative approach identifies opportunities, that give you the boost you need.

About us.

We are an international business, management consulting and technology boutique specialized in education, training, collaborative learning models, networking, project design and development, Human Resources Management, Organizational Development, Capacity Planning and Building, as well as services for not for profit organizations.

We are successfully running multi campus schools and providing consulting, training and education services to numerous businesses, organizations and institutions globally.

We have performed several contracts; many with our affiliates and partners for Federal, and local Governments through grants, contracts or GSA schedule.

Meet the Team.

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.

Ziad Khan

Chief Executive

Sociopreneur helping a vast array of international organizations in Education, Technology, Media, Entrepreneurship.

Linda Washington

Chief Strategist

An information technology and customer relations expert with over 20 years of experience with United States federal and many other states government.

Dr. Robert Tedeschi

Chief Technologist

Dr. Tedeschi’s career combines a breadth and depth of administrative working and wisdom with in-depth knowledge and experience in the application of innovative educational techniques and technologies.

Reshma Bano

Chief Human Development

Human Capital Development and Management are most important to our functional core and Reshma has greatly strengthened it with her multinational experience.

Essam Al Shehri

Chief of Operations

Essam is a natural at running the business and handling complex organizational matters seemlessly.

Dr. William Taget Jr.

Chief of R&D

Research and Development are the life blood at Digital International and Dr. Taget keep evolving these functions with excellence for our staekholders.

Our Projects

We provide customers with high quality business and management consulting and support that facilitates development of effective structures, ranging from document rotation system to customer relations and project management.

We are a full-cycle management and business services development company, providing our customers with services throughout a project life cycle from the initial specification to the development and 24x7 user support.

Management Consulting




Software Consulting


Human Transformation


{Media, Arts, Design}



Be part of an inclusive and diverse team, harness groundbreaking new technologies, improving the way the world works.

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Digital International offers global and local partnership for every strategic business area in different market segments. Let's discuss different collaboration and partnership opportunities. More

Community Awareness

As a part of Corporate Social Responsibility we regularly team up with community based organizations and offer Community Development and Awareness Programs. More


We strive to excel in service delivery through our Center for Advanced Research and Development {C.A.R.D}. Research and Development is a key driver of scientific and social progress. More

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At Digital International, we're committed to provide highest quality services. A key to our growth has been listening well to our clients and dilivering in a way that meets their needs. RFP

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